The Determined to Shine Community

Determined to Shine is a community of women who are determined to live their best lives possible. At times, life can seem impossibly difficult and seriously unfair. In these moments, it’s easy to want to sit in the corner and cry. Sometimes, it feels like it’s the only option, but we know better. It is in these moments that we discover what we’re made of. It is in this darkness that we can shine.

Our site features online classes focused on discovering and harnessing your personal strength to make bold decisions and move forward in life. Plus, they’re full of crafty and artistic projects for you to create!


Determined to Shine students come from 6 continents and nearly 40 countries. Our classes and Facebook groups provide an inclusive atmosphere, welcoming to women of all cultures, backgrounds, and belief systems.




“Determined to Shine has given me the space to think and process that thinking through the arts. The classes have given me a safe place to do this and share when I have wanted to. I have met a world full of fabulous people, too – along with our Allyson, who is the inspiration behind this safe place for people to heal, grow, and not feel alone or isolated. Determined to Shine is a big family all around the world helping, supporting, and cheering each other on.”

Sue – England, United Kingdom

“Determined to Shine has helped me write out “the yuck” and turn it in to beautiful art. It’s shown me that everything I go through may have been tough, ugly, and hard – but beauty in the form of inner strength, peace, and lessons learned have come from it.”

Amy – Colorado Springs, Colorado