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Be Your Own Inspiration

Four years ago, I found myself broken in the aftermath of my husband's unexpected death. I found my way back by taking my favorite hobbies - art journaling and scrapbooking - a step further, creating meaningful projects to help move my life forward. 

Through the projects and creative techniques in this class, you'll discover you are stronger than you think. Whether you're looking to make a big change in your life, overcome anxiety or a personal obstacle, manage your grief, or simply live a more inspired life, this class is for you.


You'll also become part of a confidential, supportive Facebook community where other class members are sharing their stories, their art, and the ways they are becoming stronger every day.


Quick Glance at Be Your Own Inspiration

Be Your Own Inspiration is a four-week online class that will teach you to develop your personal creativity as you explore the life you want to live. Each week features a specific topic of self-exploration, including video lessons and guided workbook exercises, followed by art journal and scrapbook projects that will help you discover and unleash your personal strength.

Get ready to:

  • Develop the insight and skills you need to overcome obstacles in your life and achieve your goals and dreams 
  • Celebrate and honor your unique self through projects designed to help you recognize and unleash your personal strength 
  • Create several albums and art journals full of inspiration that will be cherished and referenced for years to come 
  • Learn a variety of new art and crafting techniques to apply to your future projects

What People Are Saying

Valynn H

"Through the workbook, amazing video, and the art projects themselves, I have gained some newfound confidence and I see myself in a different light. I truly can find the inspiration within to accomplishment whatever my passion." 

Valynn - Toronto, Canada

Faith R

"This class has changed my life. The videos and assignments have given me power over my own life, my fears, and allowed me a freedom to be the me that I locked away so many years ago. I was afraid to start this class but I am so happy that I did." 

Faith - Littleton, CO

Sarah M

"Be Your Own Inspiration has literally saved my life. Allyson and all the people in the group provided a safe space for me to express my struggles and incredible encouragement to hang in there and to rediscover the joy and healing powers of art. They have shown me it's not about how skilled you are, but just getting in there and having a play." 

Sarah - Victoria, Australia

Beth B

"I've signed up for many art journaling courses but this one is just the right mix of mix of focus on self-journey and artistic expression. I've been able to participate and feel supported." 

Beth - Pullman, WA

Fight Song

"This class has positively challenged me to do some self-reflection, and then allowed me to creatively express some of those self-discoveries! I've loved taking time to do a little something for me!" 

Lindsay - Aurora, IL

Exclusive content and bonuses...

  • Hours of video, divided into 10-minute chunks so you can keep moving forward
  • 20-page workbook
  • Private, confidential Facebook group
  • Exclusive discounts from class sponsors, including Paper Nest Dolls and Stamplistic
  • Purple Determined to Shine tote bag sent to your home when you finish the class - at no extra cost 

Just a few of the projects and techniques we'll cover...

  • Creating a personalized journal from a 6×6 paper pad 
  • Speedy coloring with Copic markers 
  • Creative backgrounds with paint and watercolor crayons 
  • Super-easy ways to use rhinestones and sequins 
  • Dimensional, multi-layered stamping
Art Journal

"Not being crafty by nature, I was hesitant to sign up for Be Your Own Inspiration, but the step-by-step videos and in-depth guides provided by Allyson made everything very easy!" 

Becky - Cedar Rapids, IA


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is teaching this class?

I'm Allyson Bright. I started Determined to Shine in 2013 following the unexpected suicide of my husband at age 32. I created this class because I want others to know how creative expression can help bring healing and empowerment. I know these projects work because I lived them - and I've seen firsthand the changes and breakthroughs class members are experiencing every day.


My additional work and writing explores grief following sudden loss, navigating depression and PTSD, as well as ways to use crafting, art, and sometimes just plain silliness to move forward in times of difficulty.

2. How long do I have to complete the class?

As long as you need! You'll receive access to all four weeks of content immediately, and your access never expires.

3. Is there a way for me to connect with other students? 

In addition to the class content, you'll also receive access to our exclusive Facebook group, where you can share your art and discuss class concepts. Our students love to help each other!

4. What if I'm not an artist? Am I going to need a lot of supplies?

Even if you are a total beginner, there is something for you in this class. There are a lot of neat projects and techniques, but all you really need to get started is a journal and a cheap set of markers or colored pencils. Every project has multiple options and formats shown so you can customize each project to match your personal style and use the supplies you already have on hand. Projects are great for beginners and experts alike. 

5. Can I watch class videos on my phone or tablet?

Yes! Our online classroom is completely mobile-responsive so you can watch on any device, any time. Switch between devices with ease - your class progress automatically updates on each device you use.

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