My Name is Ally

  • I'm 32 years old. A widow. A survivor of clinical depression, the suicide of a loved one, and an autoimmune disorder. Every day, I strive to choose joy over despair - and I believe you can, too.

    Find the introduction to my story here.

    Photo copyright Courtney Said, 2012.

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Ann Elsbecker

This blog is AWESOME!! Have you figured out that I might like the bookmark that ends with "every single day"? :)
Thank you for sharing yourself with us, you have always been a beautiful person to me!

Michelle Ogden

Allyson, I'm enjoying all of your blogs but this one is particularly powerful for me as I struggle with loving myself every day. I'm hoping this inspires me to treat myself with the same love and respect I try to show for others most of the time... all road-rage aside. Thanks so much... love you! (And I'd love to win a bookmark... all are great so any will do!)

Kate 'Sunshine' Shepherd

Oh, how true this is! I tell myself things every day that I would never DREAM of telling anyone else. And yet somehow I think it's okay because it's "just me". This was an awesome and challenging post for me to stop trash-talking myself and start telling myself who I really am - and telling myself the things that I would tell someone else.

I can't imagine what the world would be like if everyone gave themselves encouragement. I think we would ALL have bounces in our steps and joy on our faces. :)

And yep, I'm re-posting your blog link on my FB! This post was sweet.

Amanda Ann Dunn

I need to get myself one of those CDs!

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