Coloring Made Meaningful


The adult coloring craze has arrived around the globe, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Many of us LOVE stockpiling coloring books and playing in them while watching TV or spending time to relax. But the question remains: once you’re done – then what?

This class is all about what you do AFTER you’ve completed your coloring book pages. I’ll teach you how to transform your pages into projects that inspire you, help you connect with yourself, and bring joy to others.



One payment of $19


Starting now: finishing up your coloring pages is just the beginning!

You’ll receive ideas and step-by-step videos showing you how to turn your coloring into:

  • Art journal and scrapbook pages
  • Cards, envelopes, and gift packaging
  • Home décor
  • Gifts


As with all Determined to Shine classes, we’ll take these projects beyond the surface and talk about why these creations can be so personally powerful.

You’ll also get these great bonuses:

  • A curated catalog of coloring books with shopping links – I’ve scoured the web and found the best of the best AND the most unique. You’ll discover the coloring books you never knew you needed – from a tribute to Ryan Gosling to a celebration of the ‘90s.
  • A quick course in transforming a vintage book into a colorful index to help you keep track of your markers, pencils, and ink pads. There’s nothing worse than starting to color and realizing the cap doesn’t match the actual color well at all. This project has you covered.
  • A guide to the ins and outs of working with coloring books while respecting copyright laws.



“I had not really caught on to the colouring trend, but actually found it relaxing. Allyson had some great ideas of how to incorporate colouring into meaningful projects, giving purpose to the relaxation time. I would highly recommend all of the Determined to Shine courses for personal growth and meaning. ”  – Jane from Alberta, Canada

“This class will jolt your creativity so that you can use it as a tool towards self-reflection and growth. Allyson’s courses are lighthearted and fun.They’re also flexibly scheduled so that you can complete them in your own time, which is definitely a plus for me. Allyson’s attitude is the best part of these programs; her experience and sincere desire to help add some sparkle to your day is obvious – and appreciated very much!” – Kelly from Madison, Wisconsin

“Colouring Made Meaningful is more than just colouring and using the colouring pages for something meaningful, I didn’t expect that and I am so happy that I was surprised. I had been missing a sense of community after having my youngest child and Determined to Shine has filled that void.” – Hayley from Tasmania, Australia

“I was so excited to do Allyson’s colouring classes. It is a great journey and you are with a group of non- judgmental people. It also helps seeing everyone’s posts, as sometimes when you’re stuck you can get new ideas. The group has also given me a new friend which has grown fast and close over just a matter of weeks.” – Karen from Adelaide, Australia




One payment of $19


Coloring books used in the samples featured on this page include:

Coloring books featured in the video include:

*Some of these links are affiliate links. Determined to Shine LLC will receive a small commission when you purchase through these links, which is used to support Determined to Shine’s free classes. This does not impact your purchase price.
**This class is not endorsed or sponsored by any of the above manufacturers or authors. All products shown were purchased by me.  When working with coloring book and digital images, it’s important that copyright laws are respected and honored. Make sure you do not reproduce book pages unless the coloring book specifically says it’s okay to do so. Otherwise, be sure to use the actual completed pages  from each physical coloring book, rather than making copies. 

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  1. Sharon Schwab says:

    I would absolutley LOVE to sign up, but I lost my job a few weeks ago and am waiting for my unemployment to kick in. I don’t have any money right now. Maybe, if you have this class again, I will be able to sign up then! I love what you are doing though!!

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