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Are you ready to create a life you love?  

Get those dreams and goals out from the back of your mind and make them real. You no longer have to think "I'll do that someday" - Today can be that day!

Through the projects and creative techniques in this class, you'll discover how to create a unique vision for your life. Whether you're looking to make big changes, want accountability for reaching your goals, or just want to discover some fun new ways to use planners - this is the class for you.


You'll also become part of a confidential, supportive Facebook community where other class members are sharing their stories, their art, and the ways they are changing their lives.

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Quick Glance at Envision

ENVISION is all about getting to where you want to go – setting goals, creating new habits, taking good care of yourself, and making time for what matters most – including making time for your art.

Get ready to:

  • Gain clarity and focus about the specific goals you want to make real. 
  • Track all those things you want to do "someday" - and have them in one place. No more keeping things at the back of your mind.
  • Create a vision board to get a clear sense of what your goal (literally) looks like when it’s made real.  
  • Design your vision book, a planner art journal that you can add to throughout the year. You’ll use this super artsy fun-filled book to track your goals, create habits, celebrate your victories, and so much more.
  • Turn a popular planner into a daily gratitude journal
  • Create your own paper clips, dividers, and more
  • Learn a variety of new art and crafting techniques to apply to your future projects

Exclusive content and bonuses...

  • Videos providing guidance as well as step-by-step instruction
  • Facebook group for connecting with other class members 
  • Multiple ways to approach each project so you can adapt it to your personal style 
  • Guided creative audio exercise you can download to your phone or iPod and listen over and over again, whenever you need it 
  • Full-color printable graphics to use in your vision book 
  • Printable worksheets to use in your vision book

Crafty Techniques

  • Collage techniques for paper and canvas 
  • Creative backgrounds for your vision book (and art journal) pages 
  • Multiple ways to create custom tab dividers for your vision book 
  • Using a laminator for hot foil techniques
  • Layered stamping using the CMYK ink system
  • Artsy embellishments for your vision book 
  • Step-by-step projects for both your vision board and book 
  • Lots of other stuff <3

Sneak Peek

Check out this video from inside the classroom - you'll learn how to create custom paper clips for your Vision Book using vintage scout badges. These are also fun 

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