The Get Artsy Book Club

Introducing Determined to Shine’s new monthly online workshop series – the Get Artsy Book Club!

The Book Club allows you to get a new Determined to Shine workshop EVERY MONTH at a fraction of the typical cost!

Each month we’ll focus on a new book, but go way beyond the standard idea of a book club. We’ll explore the book concepts in depth. You’ll have weekly challenges to help you put teaching into practice. Plus, we’ll do at least one creative project each month AND get bonus art journaling prompts to take things even deeper.

When we read, we take things in with our minds. When we create art, we take those lessons in with our souls. So we’ll be reading – and art journaling – our way to building an amazing life – together!

Every month, members will receive:

  • Multiple videos from me, providing further insight into the book, how it can change your life, and what takeaways I’ve seen bring change to my own life and the lives of others
  • At least one art journaling project inspired by the class, complete with step-by-step videos to create your own version of the project (some months may feature more than one project)
  • Five additional art journaling prompts to help you dive into the material even further
  • A live monthly chat event where we can talk about the book and share our art projects


Every month, you’ll create a new batch of Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) – and be able to swap these with other members. This is something that many of you have asked for before, so I’m excited to finally bring ATC swaps to Determined to Shine, exclusively through the Get Artsy Book Club.

What are these Artist Trading Cards, you ask? I’ve created a video just for you. I explain the ATC basics, how I store my cards, and walk you through my creation process for one card, start to finish. Check it out:

Register Now

There are four membership options to choose from – save when you sign up for a multi-month package. Each month’s workshop is valued at $39! Select your payment plan to get started:

Month to Month Subscription: $15/month
3-Month Subscription (Save 5%): $42.75
6-Month Subscription (Save 10%): $81
12-Month Subscription (Save 20%): $144

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of books will we be reading?
We’ll be reading primarily nonfiction books with insights into life and art. We will also occasionally read fiction novels.

How does this club work? Do I need to pay every month?
The book club is a subscription plan. The cost is $15 per month. You will be billed when you sign up, and then again on the same day of each month following your sign up. (For example, if you sign up on the 9th, you will be billed on the 9th of each month.) A discount is available if you purchase multiple months at the same time. If you purchase a multi-month subscription, it will automatically renew when your current subscription expires.

Is a copy of the book included with the class price?
No. You’ll need to get your own copy each month.

When will I know what book we’re reading?
Books will be announced a full month in advance, so you will have time to purchase a copy, borrow one from the library, seek out a used copy, etc.

What if I don’t have time to read the book each month?
No worries! The lessons and projects will be based on concepts from each book. But if you haven’t read the book, you can still dive in and participate! The projects and lessons will expand on the book’s teachings, but if you haven’t read the book, you will still be able to enjoy the videos, complete the projects, and participate in the ATC swap.

When will the book club class content be posted?
Every Friday, club members receive an email with links to that week’s content. Plus, as long as you’re a member, you can access previous months, as well!

Can I skip a month?
There is not currently a way for me to set up the system to allow you to skip a month. If you’d like to cancel a month, you will need to end your subscription (see below) and then re-start it when you are ready.

Is there a minimum commitment to the club?
No. You can cancel at any time by emailing You must email at least 48 hours prior to your billing date to be guaranteed cancellation for that month.

Are any discounts available?
Each month’s workshop is valued at $39, so even on a month-to-month subscription, you get substantial savings! You can save even more when you sign up for 3, 6, or 12 months at a time.