Determined to Shine’s NEW class, Envision, is here!

ENVISION is all about getting to where you want to go – setting goals, creating new habits, taking good care of yourself, and making time for what matters most – including making time for your art.

Class has begun! Here’s the original class announcement:

First, we’ll do some exercises to gain clarity and focus about the specific goals we want to make real. We’ll examine many different areas of our lives – our work, our self-care, our relationships, etc.

Next, we’ll create a vision board to get a clear sense of what your goal (literally) looks like when it’s made real.

Finally, we’ll create a vision book that you can add to throughout the year. You’ll use this super artsy fun-filled book to track your goals, create habits, celebrate your victories, and so much more.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Videos providing guidance as well as step-by-step instruction
  • Facebook group for connecting with other class members
  • Multiple ways to approach each project so you can adapt it to your personal style
  • NEW! Guided creative audio exercise you can download to your phone or iPod and listen over and over again, whenever you need it
  • NEW! Full-color printable graphics to use in your vision book
  • NEW! Printable worksheets to use in your vision book

Crafty stuff we’ll cover:

  • Collage techniques for paper and canvas
  • Creative backgrounds for your vision book (and art journal) pages
  • Multiple ways to create custom tab dividers for your vision book
  • Artsy embellishments for your vision book
  • Step-by-step projects (full of new techniques) for both your vision board and book
  • Lots of other stuff <3

You can sign up NOW!
Class value: $169
Current pricing (choose the option that works best for you):
One payment of $79
Four monthly payments of $21 each*
Eight monthly payments of $12 each*

*Note that the total cost using payment plans is slightly higher due to the extra administrative costs of maintaining monthly payment plans. Payment plans are monthly installment plans – they are not a subscription. When you sign up using a payment plan, you are agreeing to make each payment until your billing plan is complete.