The Angel Project: Determined to Shine’s Scholarship Fund

The Angel Project is a vital part of Determined to Shine. I hear from women around the world each week would love to participate in Determined to Shine’s online programs and coaching, but cannot afford to due to their personal circumstances. Many of these individuals are on disability or dealing with serious illness or other difficult circumstances.

Shortly after launching Determined to Shine, I started hearing these questions repeatedly:

  • “How can I support the 30 Days of Art Journaling class and community? I know you offer it for free, but I want to help out because it has meant so much to me.”
  • “I would love to help someone else take one of your classes – is there a way I can gift this class to someone who needs it?”
  • “I’d like to sign up for an online class, but I can’t afford it at this time. Is there any way to get help?”

To address all three of these questions, I have launched the Angel Project.

Here’s how it works:

  • The Angel Project provides a way for you to support one of the people wanting to participate in a Determined to Shine program, but is unable to due to financial restrictions.
  • There is currently a waiting list for scholarship funding. Every time enough funding is received, a new scholarship spot is awarded. Scholarships are available for several Determined to Shine online programs. Scholarships are not typically available for live events or 1:1 coaching, unless speficially requested by the donor.

Why this is awesome:

Together, we can create an amazing circle of support. When you pitch in and support the Angel Project, you’re supporting me and helping me develop awesome Determined to Shine programs. In turn, I am then able to support other women by offering online programs free of charge to those facing difficult circumstances.

Ready to participate? Here’s what to do:

  • If you’d like to contribute to the Angel Project, visit our secure PayPal checkout page(You fill in the amount you’d like to give.)
  • If you would like to apply to receive a spot in the Be Your Own Inspiration class or one of our other online programs, visit our Angel Project application.


  • I cannot guarantee a spot in class for everyone who applies. They will be awarded as funds become available.
  • All contributions and applications are 100% confidential – this is a way to support each other anonymously.
  • At this time, you cannot direct your Angel Project contribution to a specific person. You CAN give the class as a gift. Contact me for details.
  • Contributions are unfortunately not tax deductible, but please know that many lives have been changed as a result of this program and you are truly making a difference.